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I recently made some owl artwork for HawkWatch International. I am pleased to say and see that it has been printed and is available for purchase on Just in time for the Holidays! This, and the other fine HawkWatch designs, will make a great gift.

Please support HawkWatch and the important conservation/environmental work they do for our wild birds.


"Barn Owl" by Todd Powelson
“Barn Owl” by Todd Powelson

I was asked if I’d come up with some new artwork for HawkWatch International, a raptor and environmental conservation group. I love HawkWatch and the work they do, so I said “Sure!”

Here is my new owl artwork. It’ll be screen-printed on t-shirts and other apparel, and should be available soon through HawkWatch International‘s website. I’ll post an update once it is, but in the mean time, I hope your eyes enjoy!

Owls and Athena

Owl Relief Plaque
Owl Relief Plaque

… Another quick and sort-a random post today. Earlier this week I was walking up in the hills after dark when I looked up and saw this bird silhouette flying above me. A dark shape gliding against the night sky.

It was an owl, and it was actually there and gone pretty quick. But that quick sighting had me looking through my art history book for one of my favorite pictures of an old Egyptian relief carving of an owl (above), and then my mind kinda started to want to look at some pictures Athena and her owls (below).

I just love birds is all…