Life Drawing

“Life Drawing” by Todd Powelson

It’s easy for me to focus on drawing what is in my imagination, and forget to draw from life. It’s always a good and important exercise to draw the human figure, and draw what you see. I’ve got to remember to take the time and do it…

Yesterday I did take the time, and here is my drawing. Thanks Jeffrey Hale for hosting and putting this together.

Figure Drawing with Adobe Ideas 2.5

This last Tuesday evening I did some figure drawing. It has been a while, but it is always nice to take the time and draw from life. The drawing session was hosted by the very nice people who put together Sketch Cabaret.

The poses are quicker than I am used to, with the model starting out with quick 2-5 minute gestures, then extending to 30 minutes and finally a 50 minute pose. Even though it requires that I draw faster than I am used to, I really liked that too. It helps me break the form down into the most basic elements.

I’ve been using my iPad along with Adobe Ideas for figure drawing. It makes things so much easier, not having to cart all of my markers and paints around. The day before Adobe released an update to their Ideas app, and this was the first time I’d really used it. I love what they’ve done. New brushes, a paint bucket, new layer options. Without a doubt, Adobe Ideas is heading in the right direction and keeps getting better and better.

A very good night, and I plan on doing a whole lot more drawing with Sketch Cabaret.