“What is it?”

“How much could you sell that for?”

“Was that tedious to make?”

These are the questions that Todd and I constantly get when we show people our artwork. And this blog is here to answer that question once and for all. All we have to say is “It’s art, duh.” Still don’t get it? Well this might not be the blog for you.

This blog celebrates everything in art from fashion, to painting, to sculpture, to handmade crafts. If it’s art and we like it, we will post it. If we don’t like it. . . well. . .

Who are we?

Anna West

I’m your main author. I’m a Salt Lake City PR chick who loves art. I volunteer to help put together a variety of local art events like the Salt Lake City Fashion Stroll, Craft Lake City and various performances by Transfusion Hype Dance Company. I believe it is up to me to make SLC a cool place to live, and who would promote the artists that I like if I didn’t do it? I love to craft, and whenever I have time you can find me crocheting, sewing or making all kinds of things. This blog is my way of putting my professional love of journalism together with my personal love of art and craft.

Todd Powelson

Todd Powelson is the art boss hog for this little blog adventure. He is a Salt Lake City artist who pays the bills by doing graphic design. Todd has shown his paintings all over the place and you can see them at the Utah Arts Festival Galley in February, at the Hive in Trolley Square in April, annually at Craft Lake City, or just check out his website at toddpowelson.com. You will also see them right here on this blog from time to time.

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