Hey Fool!

"The Fool", The Medieval Scapini Tarot
“The Fool”, The Medieval Scapini Tarot

I’ve been posting different images of The Hermit from various tarot decks on or around New Years for the last few years, because The Hermit has always reminded me of father time. The movement from one year to the next.

This year though, I think it is more appropriate to post an image of The Fool. This Fool is getting ready for a new journey out into the unknown, with all of his possessions slung over his shoulder, and some weird-ass dog/lion/cat/hybrid/deal-ie-o biting him on the butt and pulling his pants down.

Yep, that seems better and more accurate ūüôā

… so long 2016. There were some good things about ya for sure, but overall, you were a mean son-of-a-bitch.

Happy New Year!


Superimposed, Francis Picabia

"Mélibée" by Francis Picabia
“M√©lib√©e” by Francis Picabia

I’ve been coming across a lot of work by Francis Picabia that I was previously unfamiliar with. I knew who he was, but had really only seen his early Dada work and mechanical/machine inspired paintings (like the first couple of images below) until recently. I liked the work I’d seen, but didn’t really pay too much attention.

Well, Picabia has a new exhibit at the MoMA called “Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction” and I have a whole new appreciation for his work. I haven’t been to¬†the show in person, but I am very impressed by the reproductions of Picabia’s work that I’ve seen, and the reviews that I’ve read. I especially¬†enjoy the work I was unfamiliar with… all of these beautiful superimposed image paintings. Love ’em!

Didn’t think I’d be posting for a little bit, but definitely wanted to save and share these images.

"Machines Turn Quickly", by Francis Picabia, 1917
“Machines Turn Quickly”, by Francis Picabia, 1917




"Sphinx", by Francis Picabia
“Sphinx”, by Francis Picabia


"Uncana", by Francis Picabia
“Uncana”, by Francis Picabia


"Salome", by Francis Picabia, 1930
“Salome”, by Francis Picabia, 1930


"Transparence", Francis Picabia, 1932
“Transparence”, Francis Picabia, 1932


"The Athenaeum - Dispar", Francis Picabia
“The Athenaeum – Dispar”, Francis Picabia


"The Dance", Francis Picabia, 1922-24
“The Dance”, Francis Picabia, 1922-24


"Gemini", Francis Picabia
“Gemini”, Francis Picabia


"Salicis", Francis Picabia
“Salicis”, Francis Picabia


"The Athenaeum - Lotruli - Visage de Olga", Francis Picabia
“The Athenaeum – Lotruli – Visage de Olga”, Francis Picabia


"Femme Fleur", Francis Picabia
“Femme Fleur”, Francis Picabia


"Edulis", Francis Picabia
“Edulis”, Francis Picabia


"Adam and Eve", Francis Picabia
“Adam and Eve”, Francis Picabia


"Lodola", Francis Picabia
“Lodola”, Francis Picabia


"Catax", Francis Picabia,1929
“Catax”, Francis Picabia,1929

Thank You


For the last six months or so, maybe even a bit longer, it has been hard for me to write regularly here on ArtDuh. The truth is, my mind has been focused on other things.

The world has been getting stranger and stranger for a long time. This world has been weird for as long as I can remember, but man-o-man, it is really damn weird at this point in time. 2016 is just… so weird! Seems to me we’ve all,¬†the human race has, collectively gone a bit crazy. No need to go into details, because pretty much every person I know can see and would agree. We all know and feel how strange it has become.

Still, there is every reason to hope too. This life, this world, and the people in it are beautiful.

See… I have so many things running through my mind, all the time, but I just don’t know how to articulate my thoughts properly. So that is why I haven’t been writing very regularly here on ArtDuh. And, although I am sure I will be back and writing more often at some point, I won’t be posting a whole lot for now¬†and for a little while.

Not to worry though. My mind and imagination are filled with ideas and new artwork. I’ve never felt so inspired to create. I already have so much artwork I am proud of, I work on new art every day, and I have so many ideas I look forward to completing. I expect it’ll take me the rest of my life to finish everything I want to make. Two, probably three lifetimes, really. So much to do, so little time.

I will say this… please, please, please get out in nature as much as you can. Walk under the trees, meet some animals, look at the mountains. That is our hope. If we can’t all, individually and together, develop an appreciation for the natural world that we are a part of then we are truly fucked. If we can’t see that a healthy natural world trumps any economic model, then we are doomed. Nature is not simply a commodity… a resource to be exploited, extracted or harvested, repackaged, and sold back to you with tax and interest… until its dead. Nature is our life, our breath, our water, our health. It is you.

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, thank you. I’ve really enjoyed ArtDuh, and have liked writing and posting. I will still upload and share new artwork from time to time, but I’ll change the name of the blog here soon. You’ll always be able to get to this blog using ArtDuh.com as the web address, but I will probably change the name and branding. I started this here blog with Anna about six or seven years ago. Anna stopped writing a few years later, focused on other things, and that’s cool. I found I still liked writing, and tried to maintain my weekly posts the best I could, but I always kind of thought of ArtDuh as Anna’s.

So maybe I’ll change the name to songsfromtheearth.com. Seems like the name might be a little long, but maybe it’ll do for now…

I’d also invite you to check out my personal website, toddpowelson.com. Check out some of my past work, and look there for new artwork too. Also, if you’re able and have a few sheckles to spare, please consider buying some artwork. That kind of support always means a lot to any artist. If you don’t have any spare coins, that is a-okay too. Take a look around and enjoy.


So why the picture of the moon?

I started writing this post under that November ’16 super-moon (Ha! Took a long time to finish). I walk every day, and in the winter months I usually find myself walking after dark.¬†I’d walk up into the hills, thinking on¬†the strange way America has gone, is still going, and see the weird things developing in my personal life… and there was the moon looking down on it all. This huge super-moon shining its silver light, illuminating us all. That was over a month ago now, but the moon has a brand new significance for me…


Support HawkWatch


I recently made some owl artwork for HawkWatch International. I am pleased to say and see that it has been printed and is available for purchase on HawkWatch.org. Just in time for the Holidays! This, and the other fine HawkWatch designs, will make a great gift.

Please support HawkWatch and the important conservation/environmental work they do for our wild birds.