Wulflund Jewelry

Greenman Birdie

I got a couple of new pendants from Wulflund Jewelry that I wanted to post here because I think they do beautiful work. For myself, I got the Green Man (above), and I got the bird pendant for Anna (also above). The bird is technically an owl, but it reminds me of our cockatoo Sapphron.

I really really wanted the snake (pictured below), but didn’t get it in the end because I thought it looked like it might be too big. Now I regret that decision. Maybe I will still get it. I like snakes.

I was also very tempted by Thor‘s Hammer Mjolnir (also below), but decided not to get that in the end because this type of pendant and symbol is strongly associated with the neo-pagan/heathen religion Asatru. While I am interested in pagan and heathen beliefs in general, Asatru doesn’t really describe my personal spirituality and I wanted to be respectful I guess.

Wulflund has some other very nice pieces, and I recommend everybody check out their work. And Wulflund don’t just do jewelry, they are also a full-on blacksmith with swords, armor, gauntlets, etc. I could drop a whole lot of money there, if I had more money to drop 🙂

etsy.com | WulflundJewelry

Snake Mjolnir

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