A Dream of Osiris


osirisDreams can be pretty important. Maybe not always, but they certainly can be.

I don’t often remember my dreams. Sometimes, but not all that often. About a year ago I had a dream about Osiris and his family. It came at me out of the blue really. I have a very deep interest in mythology, but I’ve never really looked too deeply into Egyptian mythology, but just have what I think of as a sort of hi-level familiarity with it really. Anyway, I hadn’t thought about the dream a whole lot since, to be honest. A little bit, from time to time, but not a lot. This last week though, for whatever reason, the dream has haunted me and I think about it almost all the time.

1373320719_osiris_egyptian_godI think of the beginning of the dream in particular, it started with Osiris being murdered by his brother, his body bleeding green in the dirt, with flowers and vines growing through that green blood.

I keep thinking about that image. It just struck me again, like I say, about a week ago. It seems like I’ve got to do something with that dream vision. I don’t know what to do yet, or how to do it, but… Until I am able to, until I catch up on other artwork and projects, I guess I’ll have to just let the idea percolate even more and post a few images here on ArtDuh.




Oh, as I was concluding there I remembered a book I read a few years ago that I thought I’d share… kind of a loose interpretation of The Egyptian Book of the Dead (as it’s come to be known. Traditionally known as The Book Of Going Forth By Day), called Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Awakening Osiris isn’t meant to be a literal and exact translation, but I did enjoy it quite a bit.

Also, I just remembered this story from earlier this year too.

2 Replies to “A Dream of Osiris”

  1. Hey, thanks for the post. I had a dream about Osiris too. Just last night. I have search the web for answers. But your post is the closest I got. My dream was me and my sister was traveling to this resort and there is a room who was own by Osiris. There are puzzles inside and we both love puzzles so we went in. It really struck me because I never knew the name Osiris before this. I hope this message will reach you.

    1. I Had a strange dream, one I’ve never had before. I feel one that i will never be able to access again because of my own jealousy and envy. My dream started where i was son of the Sun god Ra,
      I was a demigod but not the only demigod on earth. Ra gave me, His son a Golden Spear which gave me all my powers, Strength, Power, Influence but also Aggression. This Spear gave me the power to Influence And lead other Demi-gods in protecting the realm of Mortal-Plain.

      But this is where it starts Getting Very Symbolic, I was standing in a Great desert, on my side the sand was normal, on the other side the sand was Gold. What divided us was a river but when i looked at the river it wasn’t a normal river, it was like I was looking into the night sky but with thousands of stars flowing through the river. This river i remember feeling the power of souls who had passed over the ages, (This was my POV in my dream i still remember it crisp in my mind). My father Ra and His Sibling watched over us in their palaces in the sky while my people lived in chaos and Death. Through my jealousy of the Gods, Mostly my father Ra i took a large army and my demi-god brothers and sisters (one of them strangely being Anubis, My right-hand man) to the River (Lets say) of Stars and Souls. I pointed to the gods and to my father Ra’s temple, A golden pyramid temple with a obelisk at the top shooting what looked like a beam into the sky. So….What i did was split the river of Stars and souls with my Golden-Godly spear tearing a rip between the realms of God and Man, Immortal and Mortal.

      With all my mortal forces and with Anubis and the other Demi-Gods by my side we charged the godly plains. Since I caused a rip between heaven and earth God could kill mortal and Mortal could kill God. This was the only way i could successfully end the reign of the Gods. With My Golden Spear in one Mighty Hit i destroyed my Fathers Temple palace and the beam stopped, destroying the portal to where-ever Ra was fleeing or going. When i walked from the ruins of the temple I looked over a sea of battle not just thousands but millions of souls attacking the gods. But the gods had a backup plan. They have Celestial Guardians who Guard them, So Anubis and me made easy work of them ploughing down hundreds at a time. Me With My Golden Spear and him with a Curved Blade i found out is called a Khopesh, An actual type of blade Ancient Egyptians used in history.

      (This is where is stuffed up) My Father Ra gave me one more chance to stop the fighting out of love for his son and ascend with him as Son of a God, to somewhere else i never got to see. I said to him in a fit of anger and i remember clear as day “I can ascend as Son of a God or I can Ascend A God!” and I threw my spear into him Ra disappeared and the spear lodged itself into the temple ruins, (What i didn’t Realize was ALL my power came from this spear.) So when i threw it at my father I lost my powers and in a Split second i was stabbed in the back by a celestial guardian with his ethereal blade (The blade glowed but was invisible).

      I died but i died In Neker from what i was told by Anubis which must mean Land of the Gods or Realm of Gods or something because i died on the steps of my fathers temple, The temple I just Destroyed which was right next to the Split River of Stars and souls.

      Everything went Black for a minute then i felt someone dragging me to an alter i heard a weird ancient chanting and when i arose its like I already knew but i arose as God of The Dead. (which then i realized i made a mistake because my servants turned evil and used darkness from what it looked like to resurrect me.

      What is weird is Anubis Was Lord of the Dead til Osiris Took over, and how he took over was he was killed by a god (His brother Seth) and Resurrected by his followers a God, And i looked up today the Symbolic meaning of the Spear signifies Directness, the power over life and Death and throwing a spear (like i did at my father Ra) symbolizes thrusting my power, strength and commitment against or to something which i was (Wanting to overthrown/Usurper my Fathers Throne in the Heavens.)

      And me Breaking the bridge between heaven and earth The Broken Bridge: Meaning Blaming others for not accepting my responsibilities or an error in thinking, planning or Judgement. Which I didn’t realize but figured out later (I was blaming Ra my father for the worlds problems not realizing that the reason Me and the other demi-gods were sent to earth was for that specific purpose.) I believed me fighting the gods would give mortals more power as you can see the significance of the broken bridge and its meaning which i also looked up just today.

      Was i Osiris? Since all gods must of come from RA the almighty and Anubis was my right-hand man just like What i also researched today is exactly like Osiris and Anubis Now. Osiris taking anubis’s place as God/Lord of The dead.

      Sadly I’ve never returned there again it does say somewhere i read today that for me to return i first have to repair the bridge by righting my wrongs……..I dunno what that means, But can anyone please help me understand what this means as there were Way more symbolic things in my Dream but would take Waaaaayy! too long to write it all Down for you guys.

      All these things i seen in my dream i had never seen before but felt like i always have, and how everything in my dream and the symbols all fit in together without me even knowing til i researched up all their meanings just today.

      Thanks Guys Much Appreciated.

      “Evil Will Always Survive When Good People Do Nothing” “What Does That Say About The Gods?”

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