View From A Window


I like to look at these sort-a township cityscape type paintings. Especially when Marc Chagall creates them. Chagall’s painting “View From A Window” (above) is a great example of what I mean. Very nice!

Sky Goddess & Alien Sky



I’ve been coming across images of the Egyptian sky goddess Nut a lot lately (above). Even though they aren’t really looked for, I guess that it isn’t too surprising, considering what I like to read and study. I love both history and mythology. I was surprised when I came across a random image by H R Giger for the movie Alien (below) though, and It has kind of stuck with me…


The White Shaman


I’m not sure why, but these last few weeks I’ve found myself going back and back again to look at pictures of some rock art located in Texas called The White Shaman (above). I’ve never even seen the wall in person, and I forget where I learned about it, but for whatever reason I’ve been looking at it a lot.

There was a time when I’d regularly take weekend trips to check out different petroglyphs. You can find them all over the place here in Utah, and they and the regional history is fascinating. But really the only place I’ve been to in Texas is Houston…

Anyway, check it out! Lookin’ good!

The Four Seasons with Japser Johns

"Spring" by Jasper Johns, 1986
“Spring” by Jasper Johns, 1986

"Summer" by Jasper Johns, 1986
“Summer” by Jasper Johns, 1986

This week, I’ve found myself going back and visiting with the work of Jasper Johns. Specifically, “The Four Seasons” series.

I think that he began exploring the idea in the mid-80s, but Johns has revisited the Four Season idea a number of times through drawing, painting, and in print. One of my favorite things is the way the human shadow falls over the different object, implying that there is a human being standing there, but but not ever showing them directly. I really love John’s work. The textures, the symbols, and the flat fields of color.

"Fall" by Jasper Johns, 1986
“Fall” by Jasper Johns, 1986

"Winter" by Jasper Johns, 1986
“Winter” by Jasper Johns, 1986

The Vision


I’m so far behind on my comic book reading it ain’t even funny! I have kept up with the newest comic-book related TV shows like Daredevil (excellent!), and The Flash (also excellent!) along with these great Marvel movies. I haven’t quite seen it yet, but with The Avengers just being released, along with free-comic-book day and all I guess I’d just quickly post my second favorite Avenger. Thor always tops the list but, although I cannot explain why, The Vision has always taken the second spot.

Nerdy nerdy, geek out!