František Kupka

"Positioning of Mobile Graphic Elements" 1913
“Positioning of Mobile Graphic Elements” 1913

I’ve been visiting with the work of Czech painter, František Kupka.

I’m sure I talk way too much about how much I love Cubism, along with many of it’s visual offshoots. Kupka was among the first to experiment with a more “colorful cubism”, a style that eventually became known as Orphism. He was also an early pioneer and among the first painters to experimented a with pure abstraction.

Kupka made many beautiful paintings that I love to look at. Lets check some of ’em out!

"Organization of Graphic Motifs" 1912
“Organization of Graphic Motifs” 1912
"Creation" 1920
“Creation” 1920
"Creation" 1920
“Creation” 1920
"Drill" 1926
“Drill” 1926
"Warm Chromatics" 1912
“Warm Chromatics” 1912
"Music" 1936
“Music” 1936
"Blue" 1914
“Blue” 1914
"Fanny Machine - The Machinery" 1928
“Fanny Machine – The Machinery” 1928
"Vertical Plains - Blue and Red" 1913
“Vertical Plains – Blue and Red” 1913
"Syncopated Accompaniment Staccato" 1928
“Syncopated Accompaniment Staccato” 1928
"Hindu Motif or Graduated Red" 1921
“Hindu Motif or Graduated Red” 1921

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