Figurative Jackson Pollock

"Portrait and a Dream" by Jackson Pollock, 1953
“Portrait and a Dream” by Jackson Pollock, 1953

I really enjoy the work of Jackson Pollock. I’ve spoken to quite a few people over the years who are kind of dismissive of it, but whatever… That’s okay, whatever floats your boat. But I like his work. The large fields of color drips, patterns and shimmering textures, I do enjoy pure abstraction.

But Pollock’s somewhat figurative work does remain among my favorites. Like these primarily black and white images that are included in this post. So beautiful!

"Number 27" by Jackson Pollock, 1951
“Number 27” by Jackson Pollock, 1951
"Number 7" by Jackson Pollock, 1951
“Number 7” by Jackson Pollock, 1951
"Number 5" by Jackson Pollock, 1952
“Number 5” by Jackson Pollock, 1952

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