Elegy to the Spanish Republic


It occurs to me that I haven’t posted any Robert Motherwell here on ArtDuh, so I thought I’d change that. He is best known for his images/series, called “Elegy to the Spanish Republic”. It used to make me so happy to come across one of those paintings. They are enormous, start, messy and there is something about them that is very beautiful to me!

Figurative Jackson Pollock

"Portrait and a Dream" by Jackson Pollock, 1953
“Portrait and a Dream” by Jackson Pollock, 1953

I really enjoy the work of Jackson Pollock. I’ve spoken to quite a few people over the years who are kind of dismissive of it, but whatever… That’s okay, whatever floats your boat. But I like his work. The large fields of color drips, patterns and shimmering textures, I do enjoy pure abstraction.

But Pollock’s somewhat figurative work does remain among my favorites. Like these primarily black and white images that are included in this post. So beautiful!

"Number 27" by Jackson Pollock, 1951
“Number 27” by Jackson Pollock, 1951
"Number 7" by Jackson Pollock, 1951
“Number 7” by Jackson Pollock, 1951
"Number 5" by Jackson Pollock, 1952
“Number 5” by Jackson Pollock, 1952

Saphron Sky


We brought our new bird, “Saphron (spelling intentional 🙂 )Sky”, home last Sunday and she is such a beauty. Today, I just want to post her picture because I just think she is the best.

The Third World

"The Third World" by Todd Powelson
“The Third World” by Todd Powelson

“The Third World” is another new diptych that I just finished, a pair of digital paintings to be added to the series I’ve been working on called “Songs from the Earth“.

This piece started off completely different, with a number of sketches, and a few false starts. Initially, I imagined a crowd of people going about their business through a city-scape. But as the work progressed, that just didn’t feel quite right to me. It didn’t ring true somehow.

Instead, I decided to zoom in on these two individuals above. They are not really paying attention to what might be going on in the larger world around them, their bodies hunched over and focused on the task at hand. They might be building with the blocks or nurturing plants at their feet, which is good, but still only focused on themselves and their work.

“The Third World” is the human world.

These two digital paintings can also be purchased as high-quality canvas prints through my personal website at www.toddpowelson.com