Swimming with Niki de Saint-Phalle

Niki de Saint-Phalle - "Nana" - 1968
Niki de Saint-Phalle – “Nana” – 1968

Its just been a number of quick posts this last month, but that is a-okay. I enjoy seeing images more than anything else really. And today I am looking at the work of Niki de Saint-Phalle. Her work has been showing up for me in random places all week really. In different books. In my email inbox. I’ve paid attention… maybe because its kind of cold here in Utah and I’d like to spend some time with her and her people swimming in the warm ocean.



Niki de Saint-Phalle - "Bathers or Dancers" - 1980-81
Niki de Saint-Phalle – “Bathers or Dancers” – 1980-81
Niki de Saint-Phalle - "Nana Star" - 2000
Niki de Saint-Phalle – “Nana Star” – 2000

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