Bye Bye, Reuel’s

Going Out Of Business
Going Out Of Business

I learned the other day that the local Salt Lake City art supply store, Reuel’s, is going out of business and will be gone for good after Christmas Eve. This makes me kinda sad.

When my family first moved here to Utah, before I was able to drive, I remember hoping on my bike and riding everywhere. I rode that bike all over, but my usual destination was either Comics Utah (they were in a little shop in Sugar House at the time), or Reuel’s.

Back then I’d usually pick some fancy mechanical pencil, colored pencils, brushes, or one of my many many sketchbooks. But what I really loved were their art books. I’d spend a lot of time flipping through those, especially the ones that had reproductions of ancient symbols. As I got older, I bought more and different supplies, always from Reuel’s (if I was able and they had it in stock. If not, I went to Zims, who has also gone out of business recently). Canvas, clay, paint, paint, paint, paint, pastels, markers, paint, easels, paint, additional sketchbooks, and even more fancy-ass mechanical pencils.

I guess with this post I want to say “so long, and thanks for all the fish!”

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