The Mary-el Tarot


I got a new set of tarot cards this week called the The Mary-el Tarot, and they have quickly become my new favorites. So beautiful! I honestly only have a small handful of decks, but when one stands out for me, I usually get it.

To be honest though, that wasn’t the case with the Mary-el. I came across it the first time quite a while back, but decided I didn’t need it. Then I saw it again. And again. And finally the images became too beautiful to resist and I bought it.

The cards are interesting and powerful. I’ve always loved symbols. Always. And tarot are typically among the most powerful symbols around. These Mary-el… the artist and creator Marie White did a great job interpreting those symbols in her cards. I’ve posted a few images here, but you can visit her site and check the rest out (I guess I should give a warning though, there is some nudity, in case you’re sensitive to that sort of thing or at work or something)! | The Mary-el Tarot

"King of Wands"
“King of Wands”
"9 of Wands"
“9 of Wands”
"8 of Wands"
“8 of Wands”
"2 of Disks"
“2 of Disks”
"4 of Wands"
“4 of Wands”
"Knight of Cups"
“Knight of Cups”
"8 of Disks"
“8 of Disks”

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