Today I’m posting some of Georgia O’Keefe‘s cityscapes. I’ve just been wanting to see them these last few days. Most of these scenes of New York were painted in the mid-to-late 1920s before O’keefe moved on down to the South West and have always been among my very favorite of her pieces.


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The First World

"The First World" - by Todd Powelson
“The First World” – by Todd Powelson

I thought I’d post this new digital painting diptych today (shown above), even though it isn’t quite seasonal, and instead of green leaves and flowers I saw snow on my walk today up into the canyon by my house. I actually finished the images a month or two ago in September, but am just now sharing.

One of my very favorite things to do is to walk through the green (or gold, or white, depending on the time of year) underneath the trees. Walking up into the hills is probably one the things that helps keep me (relatively) sane. Its important to spend time out in nature. And, I love trees. I love to look up into and through their branches. I love the patterns and geometry those branches make as they reach for the sky. I love to see the patterns their roots make as they dig into the dirt. I love it all.

I’ve written a bit here recently about the Green Man and dryads, and I love them too. I’ve included their spirits into this here artwork as well.

These pieces are part of a series I have been working of for a little while called Songs from the Earth. I’ll write more about the series sometime soon, but in the mean time, you can see the progress I have made with it through the link below:

A World of Potential

"World of Potential" by Todd Powelson
“World of Potential” by Todd Powelson

Everything is alive. When I walk through the world everything seems to be alive to me. I feel pretty strongly that life is the point of this grand old Universe. To create and sustain life. And all life is constantly changing, moving from one state of being into another.

I was looking at some rocks and minerals a little while ago, appreciating the beautiful abstract patterns and colors. I found myself thinking about how these minerals became the basic building blocks for other, more complex life (yes, I think minerals and rocks are alive. Different, but alive). They became organized and turned into something else. Structure became more complex and turned into something else.

I suppose that is what I was thinking about while working on my digital painting above (which is a diptych meant to be two panels). I was thinking about rocks and minerals and crystals. I was thinking about the most basic of elements. I was thinking about the most basic geometric shapes. I guess I was also thinking about how, when geometry becomes more and more complex, this also creates something new. New forms. A new potential.

Why are there sort-a human type faces in this geometry? Well, it seems to me that one of the points of life is to create mind and intelligence. And, although I believe that there are all sorts of different types of mind and consciousness out there (there is plant intelligence, animal intelligence, and a number of other types too I’m sure), since I am a person, I relate to that intelligence by giving it a human face. But I also put the faces there because everything in Nature is moving and changing into something new. The most fundamental elements eventually became us. And there we are.

Cubes & Bikes & Ladies

"Composition with the three figures"
“Composition with the three figures” by Fernand Leger – 1932


It seems like a great day to look at artwork by Fernand Leger. So, for today’s post, I think its a good idea to show a couple of pictures we can all enjoy together here on ArtDuh!


"Leisures on red bottom" by Fernand Leger - 1949
“Leisures on red bottom” by Fernand Leger – 1949

The Mary-el Tarot


I got a new set of tarot cards this week called the The Mary-el Tarot, and they have quickly become my new favorites. So beautiful! I honestly only have a small handful of decks, but when one stands out for me, I usually get it.

To be honest though, that wasn’t the case with the Mary-el. I came across it the first time quite a while back, but decided I didn’t need it. Then I saw it again. And again. And finally the images became too beautiful to resist and I bought it.

The cards are interesting and powerful. I’ve always loved symbols. Always. And tarot are typically among the most powerful symbols around. These Mary-el… the artist and creator Marie White did a great job interpreting those symbols in her cards. I’ve posted a few images here, but you can visit her site and check the rest out (I guess I should give a warning though, there is some nudity, in case you’re sensitive to that sort of thing or at work or something)! | The Mary-el Tarot

"King of Wands"
“King of Wands”
"9 of Wands"
“9 of Wands”
"8 of Wands"
“8 of Wands”
"2 of Disks"
“2 of Disks”
"4 of Wands"
“4 of Wands”
"Knight of Cups"
“Knight of Cups”
"8 of Disks"
“8 of Disks”