Under Pressure

Bull1 Bull2
Bull3 Bull4
Bull5 Bull6
Roy Lichtenstein’s Bulls
Ellen Gallagher

I saw “Under Pressure” up at the UMFA this last week, and you can see it too if you hurry. This show features prints from some pretty damn good artists like Chuck Close, Kiki Smith, and Jasper Johns. My favorites were probably Roy Lichtenstein‘s reproductions of Picasso’s Bull series… but maybe that’s because I love Picasso’s artwork best always, even if it is Lichtenstein re-imagining his work. There were also some other prints where the artist Ellen Gallagher made these cool collages and then put some sort of clay or something and paint on top of the print to add texture. A very cool effect! Oh, and Robert Indiana‘s recreation of Demuth‘s painting “I Saw The Figure 5 In Gold“. I don’t know why, but I’ve always really liked that Figure 5 painting! Something about it…

Unfortunately, I can’t say it was all good, but the good was great to see 🙂 There were a few pieces that I really didn’t like all that much, but all in all, the good outweighed the bad for sure. Even though that is probably a shitty sales pitch, I’d still recommend the show, and you’ve still got time to see it if you head up there now!


Chuck Kiki
 Chuck Close Kiki Smith
Fig5 Johns
Robert Indiana Jasper Johns

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