I’ve been kinda sick this week with a bug, so while resting and drinking plenty of water, one of the things I’ve been doing is catching up with the comic series  Prophet.

I don’t even know where to start with this fantastic comic. I don’t think I can write too much about it without giving away spoilers, so I will just quote the description from Comixology’s page:

Prophet has reawakened after being cryogenically frozen for 50 years. Now he must find a way to continue his mission.

That sums up the beginning of the work writer Brandon Graham and artists Simon RoyGiannis Milonogiannis have been doing with this newest version of the series.

The character was first created and the story started some twenty years ago by Rob Leifeld, and was published for 20 issues (I’ve never read those) then dropped. The character Prophet was picked up again in 2012 (with issue #21) by Graham and Roy, and I think it is one of the best things being published in comics right now. Its such a unique and amazing story, and I am really enjoying the artwork. Highly recommended!

I’m going to go back to bed and read some more…


Claes Oldenburg

Ghost Drum Set
Ghost Drum Set
Soft Toilet
Soft Toilet

I’m not the biggest fan of Pop Art in general, but there are a few Pop artists that I do like a whole lot. My very favorite is easily Claes Oldenburg. Seeing his work always makes my day and puts me in a good mood. There is something nice about walking up to a monumental safety pin or giant hose emptying out into a pond. They make me happy!

I really like the store-fronts Oldenburg put together in the ’60s. He would make sculpted plaster cakes, bags of potato chips, or plaster lingerie and have them for sale in a space he’d rented. I think that is such a cool idea.

Garden Hose

My favorite pieces have always been his soft sculptures. His solid object made out of fabric and vinyl that have been stuffed and sewn together. There is something very special about those… Checkity-check them out!

Soft Violin
Soft Violin
Safety Pin
Safety Pin

Birds, Birds, and More Birds!

bird 5-01-lo

Here is another Bird (in the Face!) drawing that I just finished. I’m enjoying making these so much.

I went to HawkWatch International’s event “Wings Across the West” up at Red Butte Garden this week, and I thought I’d also post pictures of a couple of the beautiful birds I saw up there.

photo (1)


Although I didn’t see him the other night, I heard my friend Calarus the red tail hawk was supposed to be up at Red Butte. He did come to my Angels, Demons, and Animal opening earlier this summer, so I am posting his picture too!


Salt Lake Comic Con 2013


Congratulations Salt Lake City for hosting such a fun and successful Comic Con! I had a blast. The organizers did a great job, the vendors had very cool things for me to see and buy, and it did me good to see so damn many fans.

Whew, what a crazy time. I’m kinda worn out and don’t really feel like going through all of my photos, so I’ll just post this picture of Gandalf because I’ve always liked him so much (and he looks so great under the heating ducts and florescent lights!). I’ll also post this picture of Nova, because he was the last superhero I expected to run into and it made me happy to see him.

I’m not sure what the official or exact attendance numbers were for the convention, but I heard that Thursday had somewhere around 40,000 people, Friday had 50,000 and Saturday was somewhere around 65,000. Not bad for the first year! From what I saw, I believe it. One of the people who was working at the Con also told me they had to turn away thousands of people who were waiting outside to get in because the Salt Palace just couldn’t accommodate any more (which really sucks). But the success also means that another convention next year is extremely likely. I look forward to seeing ya’all again then!

Geek Out x 2!!


Marvel NOW?


With the 1st (Annual?) Salt Lake Comic Con coming up next week and all, I feel like I need to write about my new comic book obsession with Marvel. Its true, I’ve been reading a whole lot of Marvel comics. Nobody is more surprised than me, but I’ve loved it.

In general, for me, these last 20+ or so years Marvel has seemed to have too many big events, too many cross-overs, too much hype, too much time travel, and I just wasn’t interested too many super-heroes or their mis-adventures. Don’t get me wrong, I was never against picking up a Marvel book at all.  If I found a book that looked interesting, I’d pick it up. And there have been many Marvel books that I’ve enjoyed over the years. But in general, yeah… been interested in other comics and stories.

It was Jonathan Hickman who brought me back. Funny enough, I first became aware of Hickman through his work on Marvel titles like the Fantastic Four and S.H.I.E.L.D. about four or five years ago. These are both very good books and I’d buy them sort-a regularly. But it was Hickman’s creator-owned work that really stood out for me. Titles like the Pax Romana, Manhattan Projects and East of West helped convince me he is one of the best writers in the business.

When I heard Hickman was going to be writing more books with Marvel, I had to give his new stories a try. Marvel has kinda been branding there newest books as Marvel Now! So… ya know.. whatever. Anyway, the first issues I read was the New Avengers and, holy Toledo, that got me hooked! Then I started reading the main Avengers series, and that was also very good. So good that over the last few months I went on to read more new NOW! titles like Thor: God of Thunder, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Indestructible Hulk, and others. I’ve enjoyed them all and can’t think of a bad one yet (well, I tried that Age of Ultron and it was kinda blah, but I’m not going to dwell on it). And now there is the new Infinity series. Woohoo! Usually I steer clear of the big comic book event type series, but Infinity is off to a good start, and Jonathon Hickman is involved with that too so I think it’ll be pretty sweet.

Geek Out!