Firebirds (in the Face!)

bird3 copy 3-01

I didn’t think that I’d be posting more of these birds so soon, but they’ve become an important part of a project I’m working on and am really excited about.

The three birds (in the face!) shown here were drawn using Adobe Ideas on my iPad. Recently Ideas and teamed up for a design challenge and, even though I would have made them anyway, I’ve submitted these drawings.

bird 1-01

bird2-conflict copy 1

Jockey of Artemision


I’ve been thinking a lot about the ancient Greek sculpture the Horse and Jockey of Artemision. This rare sculpture is one of the few original Greek bronze to survive being melted down, and that is probably only because it went down in a shipwreck. Like a catchy tune, the sculpture has been running through my mind’s eye and I cannot shake it… so here it is! Take a look 🙂




David Hockney’s Trees


I like to watch documentaries while I draw sometimes. I’m kinda nerdy like that. Often its just background noise, but I saw one recently called David Hockney: A Bigger Picture that really caught my attention. I like a lot of Hockney’s artwork and have written about him before, but the work shown in this documentary has to be some of my favorite. Trees, trees and more trees!

I go for a lot of walks up in the canyons. Its one of my favorite things to do. I spend a lot of my time looking around at the trees, and I love the way they smile down at me. Every season is nice but winter is probably my favorite season for visiting with trees, because then I can see just how beautiful all of those branches are as they scrape the sky.

I guess that is why I love these more recent paintings by David Hockney so much. He captures the trees perfectly. And I absolutely love how he made these enormous pictures on a number of large canvases that he put together to make up the overall piece. I’ve stood in front of a lot of Hockney’s work over the years, but I have never seen one of his beautiful trees in person. I mean to change that as soon as I can!


David Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Picture’ Exhibition at London’s Royal Academy of Arts Seeing the Wood for the Trees






James Jean Drawings

Tuba - by James Jean
Tuba – by James Jean

Sometimes I realize that it has been a little while since I have looked into what artist James Jean has been up to, and then I spend a chunk of my time looking through his websites. That happened this week, and I was drawn in once again. I’ve especially liked looking at his new drawings and studies, some of which I am posting here. I love it so damn much! I especially like going through his work on Instagram and seeing how his work evolves.

Moses - by James Jean
Moses – by James Jean
Pescados - by James Jean
Pescados – by James Jean
Tumor - by James Jean
Tumor – by James Jean
Puppet - by James Jean
Puppet – by James Jean