Ernst Haeckel



Ernst Haeckel artwork can be a puzzle-box for my eye. Haeckel illustrates the beauty and diversity in biology. He draws basic laws of form that move and evolve, creating skeletal structure, celebrates symmetry and order in the mathematical chemistry of nature.

He is an interesting person, although much of his work in biology has been disputed and rejected. Still, his pictures are really damn nice. I like to go through his book of illustrations “Art Forms in Nature” from time to time. The organic geometry is beautiful!

 tafel_085_medium  Tafel_040_medium
 Tafel_028_medium  egg with sprouting cube copy.small
 ernst_haeckel_-_thalamphora1 Art-Haeckel-Microscopic-Haeckel_Spumellaria


Locke & Key


Well, Free Comic Book Day came and went and I neglected to write a post about it… So I will write up a little something this week about one of my favorite comics, Locke & Key. Even though most comic book fans probably already know about the series, it’s a good time to write about Locke & Key, especially since the series will be wrapping up soon.

This is such a great story. It is about a family that moves to their ancestral home after the father is murdered. Their ancestral home is called Keyhouse and is located in Lovecraft, Massachusetts (of course 😉 ). The three kids start to discover a number of different keys scattered throughout the house which open a bunch of different doors. Walking through these doors can do unique things. Maybe it’ll switch your gender, or turn you into a ghost. Maybe you’ll become a giant or animal. There is even a key that will open up the top of your head so you can look in and visit with old memories. This is a horror comic so of course there are mysteries to be solved, monsters to fight, and demons to deal with.

Written by Joe Hill. I’ve read some of Hill’s other work too and he has been impressing me very much (Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son, by the way).

There is no doubt that Gabriel Rodriguez is a very good artist but, I’ll be honest, at first I kind of had some problems getting into the pictures. I think it was something in the way the faces are drawn. As I continued reading the artwork did grow on me though, more and more with each issue.

Pick it up, check it out! | Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft, Vol-1


Cute Do-it-yourself Spring Flip Flops!

We are glad Rachel Hayes of Cherries and Feathers will be joining us here on ArtDuh and writing about some of her crafting ideas. Check out her first tutorial:

1) Cut a strip of fabric at least 60-70 inches long and 1-2 inches wide.

2)Fold the strip in half

Step 3
Step 3

3)Place the fold under the “v” point of the flip flop and pull both ends of the fabric through the loop of the fold. Pull taut. You now have your strip secured to the sandal.

Step 4
Step 4

4)Begin wrapping each long end of the fabric around each strap of the sandal until the straps are covered.

Step 5
Step 5

5)The remaining long ends of the fabric are crossed behind the heel, wrapped around the ankle and tied to secure.

Rachel's Shoes
Rachel’s Shoes