The Private Eye


I haven’t read many comics lately. Being busy at work, trying to realize my own creative ideas, and maintaining a social / personal life… well, it just hasn’t been easy to find the time. Occasionally though, I will take a break and read a quick issue or two. I do listen to quite a few podcast while I work however, and one that I look forward to each week is 11’Oclock Comics. Over the years they’ve introduced me to comics that I probably would have never even considered, let alone heard of. Last week, they had a very nice review of a new web-comic written by Brian K Vaughan and illustrated by Marcos Martin called The Private Eye, and the idea sounded pretty sweet so I had to check it out.

The story takes place in a post-internet world, where protecting personal privacy has become most important. So much so, that people don’t even go out into public without wearing costumes and masks, and taking a photo of another person without their permission is a Federal offence. Today we share our lives on Facebook, and tweet everything. Its interesting to see the pendulum swing to the opposite extreme.

I also like the way this comic is distributed. Even though in the story the internet doesn’t exist anymore, out here in the really-real world you’ll only be able to buy this comic online. You can even name your price and pay whatever you think is fair. I like this payment model, and hope that is works out very well for the creators. There is currently only one issue available, but Brian K Vaughan is a great writer and I look forward to see how everything unfolds.

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