Steve and Co.
Steve and Co.
Me and Steve
Me and Steve

My brother-in-law Steve and my sister Tonya have an action figure and toy collection to be proud of. I don’t really have the heart or dedication of a collector myself, but I am kind of jealous of it.

I’ve always enjoyed going by their house to see what new things they may have added, or what I might have overlooked the last time I was there. There is just so much to see, and its always a treat! Old and new Marvel super-heroes, the Kiss Army, the Misfit Toys, Star Wars, Star Trek, all sorts of monsters, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Super Grover, and Batman. Especially Batman… with so much more besides. Oh man, it is such a beautiful sight.

Cap and Thor

I don’t think people don’t understand the importance and breadth of the collection when I tell them about it, but now you can see it for yourself!

Steve’s collection has been included in the BYU MOA “We Could Be Heroes” exhibit, and the show will be up until April 6th (even though it is a very impressive and sizable collection on display, I’m convinced it is still only a small percentage of what they have. Ha!). The whole show is also worth checking out, and I’ll probably write more about what else was on display, but for now do yourself a favor and check out the toys!

I’m proud to say they’ve included a drawing I did of Batman with their toys. I mean the picture of Batman used at the top of this here blog. They’ve also included a copy of a drawing that I made into a birthday card of Batman wearing hand-puppets. Those drawings have found themselves in great company.



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