Introducing the fascinating Megan Kennedy

“Communion with the Damned,” album cover for metal band, Arsenic Addiction

“Ghost in the Trees”

Megan Kennedy’s art is the sort I respect. My own artistic endeavors tend to be bright and “clean,” so when my eyes meet a piece of artwork I wouldn’t naturally create myself, I can’t help but stare. There’s something deeply human about experiencing raw, dark art. I feel more comfortable opening up to people when I realize there are others out there who have emotions, too. That they’ve experienced emotions that may have been more intense than I’ve ever felt.

Recently, I had the opportunity and pleasure of speaking with Megan about her work and our conversation was a fascinating peek into her world. Please stay tuned for the complete interview. For now, here’s a preview with her thoughts about her piece “Funeral Girl.”

“Funeral Girl”

ArtDuh: You said on your Facebook that Funeral  Girl is one of your most popular pieces.

Megan: I don’t know what the deal is in that. You don’t see it in a lot of movies anymore, but just the funeral thing with all the black umbrellas… there’s something just so visceral about that. It’s just such a haunting representation that you don’t even have to put in a dead body or a coffin and people know what that is. You’ve seen movies where ghosts are following kids around and things like that, but just that kind of perspective, where it’s like what would that do to a little person if she had that heaviness following her around? I just found the perfect little girl and I like that she’s all Victorian; it kind of added another layer to it, a seriousness to it. Yeah, people responded to that one. It was another surprise because it is dark. Especially with little kids, it’s always sketchy because you have to make sure you’re getting your point across the right way.