Ernst Fuchs’ Fantasy

The Angel of the Lord

Although for me fantastic artwork can be extremely hit or miss, there are a few artists out there who nail it perfectly. Ernst Fuchs is one of those artists. Maybe not with everything he does, but he certainly gets it right in a lot of his work. It could be that I have a very soft spot for biblical myth, angelic hierarchy, and Judaic and Medieval stories. I get lost in the idea or representation of an angel with multiple animal heads standing guard in the Garden of Eden. Staring through infinite eyes, menacing humanity with their flaming sword. I guess in my mind angels are kind of scary, so I can relate to how Fuchs paints them. In the stories angels are often used as god’s warriors. Taking care of business, sometimes with very foreign intention, inhabiting strange bodies. Without a doubt, they are powerful symbols.

I don’t know a whole lot about Fuchs’ life, aside from the fact that he is an Austrian painter, draftsman, graphic artist, and founder of the Vienna School of Fantastical Realism. I do know that I like looking at his work though. Check it out!

Cherub with the Cross of Jerusalem

The Angel of History



Cherub with the Hematite Eye

David and Bathsheba II
The Spirit of Mercury

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