Lucy Glendinning and the Feather Children

Feather Child 1
Folding Girl

Earlier this week I came across Lucy Glendenning’s website, and I can’t get her work out of my mind. I imagine myself meeting her Feather Children on one of my walks up the canyon. Maybe stumbling across it’s nest or something. I kind of hope I do one day soon, because I expect they’d have a lot to tell me about.

Here is a nice description of her Feather Child series from Glendinning:

The suite “Feather Child” originates from Glendinning’s fascination with visions of a future society. The feathered children are embodied questions, where the artist is asking us if we, in a world where our genetics could be freely manipulated, will be able to resist altering our physical abilities. Will necessity or vanity be the ruling power? Will we act collectively or as individuals? The fragility of the feathers is simultaneously mirroring the perhaps most classic tale of human hubris: the fate of Icarus in Greek mythology. How far can humanity progress before everything falls apart?

Feather Child 2

Feather Child 3

Feather Child 4

Feather Child 5


Skins 2

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