Letters Home

The Michael Rosenthal Gallery in the Mission District of San Francisco is one of my favorites. It is the gallery where we stumbled on the work of Veronica DeJesus and became fast friends with her. Their current exhibit is one I would very much like to see, called Letters Home by Amber Jean Young. Since I’m not able to get to San Fran right now to review the show, I’ll share the email the gallery sent me describing it:

Letters Home
A solo show of new work by Amber Jean YoungOpening reception for the Artist:
Saturday June 9, 2012
6 PM to 9 PM
Extending our program’s long-standing commitment to emerging experimental practices by young artists, Michael Rosenthal Gallery is pleased to present ” Letters Home ” an exhibition of new work by San Francisco based artist Amber Jean Young. This marks the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery.Negotiating the tension between craft and fine art, the work explores and transforms the conceptual and formal strategies associated with the made object. The artist uses materials and techniques ranging from fabric constructions, crochet messages, sculpture, drawing, painting and photography to explore interpersonal, familial relationships, and personal history. Amber’s work addresses the issues coping mechanisms and complicated emotions such as disappointment and failure that are derived from her experience.Born and raised in the Santa Cruz foothills, Amber is the daughter of Neil and Peggy Young. Her families close relationship, and mentoring has inspired and informed her work. Amber’s  father often shared stories of his career and adventures. Amber absorbed, learned and is subsequently enlightened by her family’s creativity. Growing up surrounded by talent and creativity has pointed Amber toward  a center of integrity and compassion that is intimate and compelling.


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