Don’t Let Your Style Go to the Groundhogs

Every day, when you head out the door, does your hair look exactly the same as the last? Boring pony tail, half-finished bun, or just hanging there?

Megan Moore from Moore Hair Design gave us a primer on how to keep our hair from getting the winter blahs. So get out of your rut with these looks.

First up, we have a retro 1970’s wave. Megan used a 1 inch curling iron and center part to get this fun look for model, Venice. She let each curl cool before teasing it gently with a comb and then setting it with hair spray.

Pony tails are great, practical, professional  and. . . well, boring. That’s why Megan’s style team took the pony tail up a notch for this fun look on Karlie. Karlie’s cute bangs add a nice touch, and a braid, three elastics concealed by teasing the hair and a cascade down the side make this a pony that doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

According to Megan, braids were big in 2011, but they aren’t going anywhere for 2012. She did this style in Emily’s chin length bob by doing two French braids on each side and then securing with safety pins. Letting the ends fly free keeps this look loose and casual, great for a day at the office or a date after work.

To get these looks or learn more, visit

Peter Schmidt

Abstract Organic Form

Lately I find myself going back, and back again, to check in on the work of Peter Schmidt. There is just something about his drawings, prints and paintings that keeps calling to me. I like pretty much all of his work… the interiors, landscapes, and his more abstract pieces.

Schmidt’s background is interesting too. He was born in the early ’30s in Berlin, and his family fled from Nazi Germany to England in ’38, finally settling in London during the Blitz. Schmidt intended to become a mathematician, and didn’t start painting until his late 20s. In addition to painting, he went on to study printmaking, photography, film and animation. Schmidt has also published a number of books. I first became aware of Schmidt because of his collaborations with, and album artwork for, musician Brian Eno. Schmidt died suddenly in 1980 of a heart attack.


It’s PR, Duh!

I’m working hard at a career offering freelance PR. In fact, this, plus getting really sick explains my absence from the blog this week. PR is a form of marketing that focuses on getting your work covered in the news. Why should you be doing PR? PR can tell your story more deeply than an ad, make customers feel they know you as an individual and offer a credible endorsement from someone they already trust.

I’ve done PR for 14 years for everything from the Utah Department of Health to art, craft, food, fashion and haunted houses. It’s exciting to build my own business, If you need PR, who you gonna call?

Fill the Recipe Box Project!

I have my grandmother’s recipe card box. About 1/3 of the recipe cards inside are blank. I’d like to ask my readers to mail me a 3 by 5 handwritten recipe to add to the box. Any recipe will do – new or old. I’m gonna fill this effing recipe card box up and pass it onto the next generation FULL! Please write your name on the back.

If you want to participate, send me an email at – – cuz I don’t wanna give my home address to just anyone.

Matisse’s Color

Red Studio
The Goldfish

Today is a good day for taking a little time and looking at the colors of Henri Matisse. I love, love, love bright shiny colors, and Matisse used color like nobody else.

I’m thinking mostly about his interior scenes and still life paintings. So perfect.

It’s Sunday! Sit back, relax, and look at some work by Matisse.

The Window

My Dead Friends

Be sure to come on down and see Anna’s artwork at Ulysses! Tonight is the night. You’ll also enjoy dance performances by the 14th Ward, and traditional depression era treats! Yummy!

“My Dead Friends is a show dedicated to the mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers who are now passing the yarn and hook to me and my generation. This show is a message to my sisters: Ready or not, here it comes. If we let the domestic arts die, resurrection seems unlikely at this time.”

Anna West – Artist, Dancer and Small Business Owner


629 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Jan 15 to Feb 19
Wake and Last Rites, Jan 15, 6 to 8 p.m. | My Dead Friends

“It Would Be Impossible to Keep House with Only 36 Doilies”

I’ve been making doilies since high school. Are they old-fashioned? Yes. Out-of-fashion? Never.

Giant doilies will grace the walls of my show. Join me to see them, and so much more.

My Dead Friends
629 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Jan 15 to Feb 19
Wake and Last Rites, Jan 15, 6 to 8 p.m.