Mexican Flare Meets Veggie Friendly – Our Fav Burritos


Vertical Burrito
Vertical Burrito

I’m a long time vegetarian and I live in a city with a lot of Hispanic culture. So of course my own personal comfort food is the veggie burrito. For March’s food feature, we thought we’d highlight this often veggie friendly menu item, and tell you the best place to get one if you are dining out as well as easy options for eating in.

The number one best, favoritest and tastiest veggie burrito around can be found at Vertical Dinner. Just past 21st South and on West Temple. Todd and I are regulars at this vegan restaurant, owned by Ian Brandt. Order the breakfast burrito with hash browns in the morning or mashed potatoes after 5 p.m. I always choose tempeh for my protein, but portabella mushrooms, vegetarian chicken, Boca burger and tofu are also options. They offer house-made hot sauce, as well as pico de gallo and guacamole.

Second choice which is rather cheap and easy for a night in with Netflix is a Rico Burrito. Rico is a local business that makes a great product, but I also support them because they are vegan-friendly and active in the local first movement. My favorite is the Black Bean, Rice and Cheese burrito. Todd likes the Pinto Bean, Rice and Cheese option. My main tip is to take the time to bake it in your oven, this allows the outside to crisp up. Microwave is faster, but not as tasty.

If the Rico Burrito (around 640 calories) isn’t fitting into your diet, I’ve devised a similar option for the days when my skinny jeans aren’t quite zipping up. I scour the super market shelves for the lowest cal tortilla (my fav is no longer stocked), add beans, top with a low cal enchilada sauce, my favorite which is hard to get around these parts is Trader Joe’s brand, and wah lah, cheap and easy weeknight meal. Skip the melted cheese if you are fighting the battle of the buldge, but you can have all the salsa you want.

Do you have a favorite burrito place? Or a recipe to share? Let us know with a comment here or on our Facebook page.

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