24-Hour Show

24-hour show, the countdown begins!
24-hour show, the countdown begins!

If you have ever watched Todd Powelson draw, you know it is a beautiful, deliberate and considerate process. And you also know that the thought of him completing a piece of art in 24-hours is laughable.

Now, I have seen him make a poster or flyer over the course of a only few days, skipping the painstaking part of making teeny tiny shapes with his mechanical pencil and instead drawing directly on the computer. But a painting in 24 hours – Ha ha ha ha ha!!

But, when our friend Emily Edmunds at the Hive Gallery asked if he would like to join the 24-hour show, and paint a wooden 12 inch by 12 inch canvas in 24 hours, Todd said “Let me see if I can get the day off from work.”

As of this writing, the painting is still a week away. And he doesn’t know what he wants to paint. Is this MY Todd? Spontaneity is not top on either my or Todd’s list of personality traits. We are more plodders, planners, carefully navigating life and our art work. This IS an interesting development.

Please join us on Saturday, September 18 at the Hive Gallery in Trolley Square when the paintings will be revealed. The artists only have September 17th to make their piece. I’ve already heard Toddy trying to negotiate – “well, I’ll just work on it for 24 hours total.” Don’t worry people, I won’t let him break the rules!

The art will be affordably priced, starting at $25. Put some art on your walls!
Other artists include:
Tagen Towsley Baker
Brendon Baker
Olivia de St. Aubin
Vaopele Tiatia
Meg Dolan
Emily Luerssen
Gina Miller
Eric Himle
and many others.

24-Hour Show
Saturday, September 18
Hive Gallery
Trolley Square
Second Floor
3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

3 Replies to “24-Hour Show”

  1. Olivia de St. Aubin is actually not participating. There was some confusion on that, but she decided that 24 hours would not be enough time for her to make a piece.

  2. annie!!! i need a gray temple zombie shit!!!! please, please get back to me at my email. medium, gray, black or white. 😦 i need one!!!! i love you guys, anyway and hope Todd does well. he always does

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