Craft Sabbath Mother’s Day Show

Craft Sabbath is the pet project of our dear friend Meg Griggs. It is an all local alternative craft festival that takes place on the first Sunday of the month at NoBrow Coffee and Tea in Salt Lake City. The Craft Sabbath Mother’s Day Show is just a few days away so we at wanted to profile a few of the 20 plus artists who will be there to vend. City Dogs Veggie Dog Cart will be there with food and SPYHOP records will be there with tunes to round out the event. Hope to see you there! And now, for the art:

Miss Amanda
Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda’s Arm Candy
Introducing Miss Amanda’s Arm Candy and other craftiness! Hand painted original designs on unique vintage purses and bags. All designs are hand painted by Miss Amanda a local tattoo artist for Lost Art Tattoo. Each one is purely a one of a kind piece of art, wearable art! Check Miss Amanda’s Arm candy out on the web Hooray art!

Trisha Henderson
Trisha Henderson

Trisha Henderson
I taught myself to knit as a way to balance those early days of motherhood. Through this maternal journey has come my love for knitting and commitment to self expression.

My current interest exists in making unique head and neck wear and I’m currently very inspired by what I can do with knit accessories. It’s fun to get people excited about wearing knits in the spring and summer! You’ll also find a few beaded earrings in my mix.

I have a deep appreciation for the craft and feel that knitting is both useful and artistic. My process is less technical and more intuitive and I enjoy creating in the moment. I am fueled by color, texture, and the rhythm of my circular needles…it’s therapy.
I have a new purpose in my work which is to use material that has been reclaimed. So I’m currently using up my “retail” supply and beginning to reclaim my own yarn from thrift-ed/unused sweaters and even supporting those who sell their own reclaimed stock. Keep your eye out, it’s conscious and fun!

Sorry Clementine

Sorry Clementine
Sorry Clementine

Sorry Clementine is a one-girl operation run by Suzanne Clements. Suzanne designs each piece thoughtfully, and expertly sews each piece herself. Each piece is one of a kind and no duplicates are ever made. In addition to making one of a kind pieces from scratch she also likes to incorporate fabric from recycled and vintage clothing that adds a special and unique charm to the things that she makes. Suzanne is 26 years old, and resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves creativity in all forms, especially sewing, painting, and photography. When she isn’t creating fun things to wear she spends the the majority of her free time looking for treasures like vintage pyrex and owl figurines at local thrift stores.


Bricolage Designs
I have always enjoyed creating new things out of objects around me. Maybe I’m a bit cliche now with the rise of the “green” friendly society with everyone trying to reuse everyday items. I get super excited about old junk drawers and closets. Everything old has another purpose to me. I am currently working on jewelry and bags made from reworked costume jewelry pieces and vintage fabric. I am also a crafter with a short attention span. As soon as I discover a new idea I am on to it (which has resulted in a cluttered office with half finished projects, just ask my husband). I never know what I am going to create next!

It’s Art Duh ( is a new blog that celebrates everything in art from fashion, to painting, to sculpture, to handmade crafts. Anna West and Todd Powelson are the writers/artists behind the blog. They have been at Craft Sabbath many times with crocheted items, drawings and screen printed bags and tees, but this is the first time they will be at the event to promote The pair will launch their blog at the Mother’s Day Show and unveil a unique limited edition screen printed tee, stickers, pin back buttons and cards. All of these items were designed from scratch by Todd within just the last few weeks!

Craft Sabbath
May 2, 2010
Noon to 4:00 p.m.
NoBrow Coffee and Tea
315 E 300 S
Salt Lake City

Spring Art Market 2010

Sugar House Garden Center
1602 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT

Friday, April 30, 1:00 – 7:00 PM
Saturday, May 1, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Expansion Dance Performance

Expansion Poster
Expansion Poster
Noah performing
Noah performing

Expansion is a preprofessional dance company co-run by our friend Noah Lillie. We know Noah though Transfusion Hype Dance Company where Noah is a founding member, performing with the group since 2003. He co-directs Expansion with Bonnie Story, choreographer for High School Musical and Cirque Du Soleil. 

Expansion and their seven dancers will perform Monday night, May 3rd. The group’s style is mainly contemporary jazz, but they will be bringing several guests in to highlight different techniques. Odyssey Dance Theater will perform contemporary dance, Provo High and Vibe will perform ballroom dance, and Noiz will break dance. Tickets are just $8 and are available through Art Tix. The show is sponsored by The Treehouse. See a video clip of an Expansion performance at  

Noah Lillie
Noah Lillie

Expansion Performance
Monday, May 3, 2010
7:30 p.m.
Jeanne Wagner Theater
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
138 W Broadway
Salt Lake City, UT

The Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing – by Charles Vess

I have always been obsessed with mythology and stories, and the Green Man has always been an especially powerful symbol for me. Plants that think they might be human appear often in my artwork, and the Green Man will still drop by from time to time in my drawings to say “hello”.

Maybe this is why I was so fascinated by Alan Moore’s run on the Swamp Thing. Alan Moore can be a little hit and miss at times, and the Swamp Thing is no exception (some of the story arcs can be a little tedious), but the way he developed this character was incredible.

The Swamp Thing is the most recent in a long line of  earth elementals in charge of  “the Green”. He is made up of vegetable matter, and in tune with all plants. He can even grow whole new body for himself from, say, a flower or chickpea… even if that chickpea is on the other side of the world, he can still sense its potential in the Green and transfer his consciousness there! Oh Yeah! Sometimes he was at odds with “the Red” (Meat), but always understands that everything is connected.

When Swamp Thing was asked in Murder of Crows the purpose of evil, I knew I loved this character.

“Q: Little thing, will you tell me the purpose of evil?”

A: I have seen evil, it’s cruelty, the randomness with which it ravages the innocent and guilty alike. I have not understood it.

 “I asked the Parliament of Trees, whose knowledge is older and greater than mine. They seemed to insist that there was no evil. But I have seen evil, and their answer was incomprehensible to me.

“And yet, they spoke of aphids eating leaves, bugs eating aphids, themselves finally devoured by the soil. Feeding the foliage. They asked where evil dwelled within this cycle, and told me to look at the soil. Black soil is rich in foul decay, yet glorious life springs from it. However dazzling the flourishes of life, in the end, all decays to the same black humus.

“Perhaps evil is the humus formed by virtues decay, and perhaps it is from that dark sinister loam that virtue grows strongest? I do not know…”

YAY Swamp Thing!

Saga of the Swamp Thing

Peter Moosman, Local Craftivist

Peter creates a sign for a rally
Peter creates a sign for a rally

Peter Moosman is a local anti-tobacco advocate. He is also a talented crafter, using his skills to create everything for his movement from picket signs to t-shirts. I caught up with Peter to ask him about his unique style of craftivism.

1- Starting off, tell us what Project:1200 is and how you use your craft skills to get things done?

A: Project:1200 is a grassroots movement taking a stand against Big Tobacco. We empower through education, expose Big Tobacco’s lies and manipulation through underground activism, and bring about political and social change by petitioning legislators. Since we are still a rather small movement, we are broke. This is a bittersweet opportunity for me to use my creative side for any and all materials needed regarding our organization

This sign was just a door in someone's trash
This sign was just a door in someone's trash

2- What are some of the things you have handmade for your movement?

A: Spray paint and stencils are my best friends when it comes to activism! I have made countless amounts of signs for rallies, protests, and visits to the capitol. One of my favorite signs was made out of an old door. I painted it, slapped a message on it, and strapped it to the top of my car and drove around SLC spreading the word!

I also like to consider myself a little bit of a seamster. I like to stitch stuff onto clothes to make myself a walking billboard for
Project:1200. I also stitched the name onto my laptop case. Needless to say, practically everywhere I go, people see the name of Project:1200.

3- What other things do you make that aren’t necessarily for your movement?

A: I like to think that I am somewhat an anti-establishmentarian, which leaves me to make my own stuff, rather than buy it. I save old clothes and make random stuff out of them. I have made shirts, ties, bracelets, watch bands, pants, and I am even working on some shoes made out of old tires and canvas.

Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to learn how to screen-print, so that is another medium I like to use as well. I have to do it by hand, so not much gets done with screen-printing, but it is fun when I get the chance!

4- What advice do you have for others who want to create a movement but don’t have a lot of money.

One of the shirts Peter has crafted
One of the shirts Peter has crafted

A: Join the club! I am an unemployed activist that has to re-use and recycle things. A lot of my shirts have prints on the outside AND the inside because I don’t have the money to buy a new one. My picket signs have messages on both sides. Even with the door I mentioned earlier, I got it out of someone’s garbage.

My advice is to definitely find a cause worth fighting for, and promote it. Don’t be too concerned about money. We humans always have stuff laying around the house that we don’t really use anymore. If we don’t, someone around us does! Don’t get rid of old clothes. Turn them inside out or cut them up and make it new! Why be a walking billboard for someone else, when you can be your own canvas, spreading your own message?

5- And how can someone find out more about Project 1200?

A: We would love for you to learn more and join by checking out our group on facebook by typing “Project:1200” in the search bar, following us on twitter at, and reading up on our blog:

Sister Dottie Grimmleigh’s Fiend

Sister Dottie the Grimmleigh
Sister Dottie the Grimmleigh

What does Sister Dottie Dixon, the Mormon housewife from Spanish Fork with a gay son, (actually a character created by Charles Lynn Frost) have to do with Utah’s craft community? Recently, our friends Leigh and Rachel Kade, the artists behind Grimmleigh’s Fiends were commissioned to make a doll of the lovely Sister Dottie! Artduh caught up with both the Kades and Sister Dottie to get their thoughts on this crafty act.

Here’s our interview with the Kades:

1) Sister Dottie Dixon is a Utah icon. Where did you get the idea to make a doll of her?
(Leigh and Rachel) We made a doll of our friend Gavin (Gavin’s Underground for City Weekly) and I think Dottie actually saw it and asked us to make one of her….I was intimidated by the prospect to be honest, and kind of put it off….when she was announced as the winner of Best Utahn we decided it was the perfect time to make it!

2) What exactly is a Grimmleigh?
(Leigh) A Grimmleigh’s Fiend is a culmination of our creative energies. We never really know what they’ll turn out like until they’re finished.
(Rachel) Basically, I LOVE to crochet and Leigh’s always been an amazing painter. We used to craft/create “next to eachother” and now we do it together!!! I crochet the dolls (amigurumi style) from patterns that float about in my head, I sew a plain cotton face on the doll and then Leigh paints the face on… They are all completely unique and one of a kind. I’m not sure whether they qualify as dolls, toys or collectibles. Adults seem to like them and so do the kids…They’re creepy but not tooo creepy ya’know?

3) Where are they available?
(Leigh)We are pretty much regulars at Craft Sabbath, which is the first Sunday of each month @ No Brow coffee & Tea in Salt Lake City. We have a few dolls at Salt Lake Citizen @ Library Square….let’s see…
(Rachel) We have an etsy shop and we also have a blog . We will be @ People’s Market this summer (Sundays @ Jordan Park) and we’re *hoping* to have a booth @ the Downtown Farmer’s Market.
We love custom orders and requests so just ask 🙂

4) What other custom Grimmleighs have you made?
(Rachel) The first customs we did were of people’s pets…I think we did Dan the LapTopMan’s pug Spud…our friend’s Boxer, my mom’s cat….then we did Geek Show Pod Cast guys (Leigh’s on the panel) for Christmas. So, Kerry Jackson, Jeff Vice, Scott Pierce, Shannon Barnson and Zack Shutt…and Gavin…

5) You’ve made quite a name for yourselves! What advice do you have for other crafters about turning their passion into a business?
(Leigh) Do your homework/research. Look at etsy, go to craft shows, find people who inspire you and try to talk to them and find out what works for them. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to fail. This is our third “venture” as crafters and the first really “successful” one…
(Rachel) it helps to know the right people too! I’m not gonna lie ~ be friendly and network network network! We’ve been really fortunate to have friends & fans who support and help promote us! I don’t know where we’d be without Meg from Craft Sabbath and some of our friends who have told friends, who have told friends etc. etc.
(Leigh) Don’t underestimate the value of promotion and advertising. If you’re on post post! Use social networking sites like FB. And just get your stuff out there.
(Rachel) You also have to treat it like a job. We devote pretty much ALL of our “extra” time to this…it’s not just a hobby anymore, and when we got to that point we knew and took the “plunge” to make it more serious. We’ve really discovered that the more we treat it like a business the more successful we’ve become….But make sure you’re still having fun…We love what we do and that people love what we make…that’s the best and most important part!

And here is our interview with Sister Dottie herself:

1) How did you hear about the Grimleighs?
(Sister Dottie) That sweet Gavin of Gavin’s Underground told me about his new Grimmleigh and I wanted ta see it sa bad, and when I did I wanted one of my own~~for Sister Dottie really badly kid! Gavin is sa cool, knows ALL the happenin’ stuff, is kind and abundant and shares and networks–things I admire sa much. And I guess I, Sister Dottie try ta be that way too, oh…and cool. Gavin jist won BEST BLOG, that should tellya somethin’! I had heard about them befare, but never rilly gotten quite sa obsessed and what not! Then I did, and then I inquired, and then I got a BIG YES, and then I was jist sa happy. And then I got ONE! And at the City Weekly BEST OF AWARDS they presented it ta me. And I was sa happy, and taken by it. Pictures galore–ta beat the band. It was even in ma video interview with me. I have talked about ta everyone, til hell will have no mare, and many, many have inquired. I feel them kids are onta something HUGE here. Rilly HUGE!

2) What do you think of your new doll?
(Sister Dottie) I think the artistanry is amazin’, and the detail sa refined and superbly done. I stare at it ta see ALL they have sa perfectly captured. The two of them make a real team, and the quality is stunnin’, simply stunnin’! It is a keepsake treasure, and a little masterpiece if ya ask me. And I want ta show and share it with jist everybody. And it has caused a lotta questions ta be asked, and I am drivin’ business their way as fast as my big mouth and typin’ fingers can! Donnie loves ma Grimmleigh, wants one of his own. I told him maybe if he stops drinkin’ sa much damned beer, I might jist consider arderin’ one fer him fer Christmas! But he’s gotta give a little too. I’ve had ta put ma Grimmleigh under glass, because he keeps wantin’ ta play with it. Not seen this behavior since he was 4 and had a Dreamland Barbie. Lands and Lawsie. Don thinks they have hit the bullseye with this little imitation Sister Dottie. He loves it too. He comments on the tongue and lips all the time. But then a carse he would! It’s only natchural.

3) Do you really sleep with it?
(Sister Dottie) It is on ma nightstand AND I do indeed sleep with it. I don’t want any harm ta come ta ma Dottie Grimmleigh. Donnie’s little dog Javier, who is a Chihuahua wants ta git his teeth on The Sister D. Grimmleigh. It makes me sa damned mad. If he does, (which he won’t trust me) there’ll be Chihuahua in the treetops I’m tellin’ ya! Chihuahua in the TREETOPS!!

Love, love, love ma Grimmleigh. I’m honored, humbled, and blessed ta have ma own. Git one fer yerselfs folks, ya won’t regret it–I’m jist sayin’!

Sister Dottie S. Dixon

Picasso’s Vollard Suite

Four Nudes and Sculpted Head

Picasso has always been a favorite artist of mine. The 100 etchings he created for publisher Ambroise Vollard from 1930 to 1937 are ranked, for me, among Picasso’s highest artistic achievements.

Anna and I spent some time in San Francisco in the early summer of 2009. While we were there we visited a gallery downtown that had a few pieces from the Vollard Suite, including “Four Nudes and Sculpted Head”. Beautiful. I still think about it all the time, and hope that I will meet more of these etchings soon (especially Minotauromachia!).